Hi. My name is Jessie Lehail, and I am the author of this blog.

For years, one of my dearest friends has suggested that I need to share more of myself through the written word. And you know what? I think she has a point.

As a restless soul and true multitasker, I am diligently focused on pursuing many passions, often at the same time. I wear many hats: academic, communications professional, digital marketer, among others.

Being South Asian, I am drawn to anything related to my culture, yet find food and cooking at the core of my being. It only makes sense this blog be an outlet for expression.

Indian Influence (II) takes global food, anything and everything imaginable, and reinterprets it with a South Asian influence. Sometimes dramatically. Sometimes subtly.

More often than not, II is filled with food memories I’ve been thinking for days, weeks or months. Maybe even years. Narratives stemming from moments in life that appeared to be insignificant, but really were not. Conversations. Things I’ve observed or read. Circumstances that have hurtled towards me.

What you can expect… Recipes (and the stories behind them) that yield delicious food, while displaying a newbie photographer’s latest work

A little more about Indian Influence…

  1. II frames global food through an Indian (South Asian) lens. Food connects and reifies identity, sense of place, and memory. Yes, this blog has a slight academic underpinning. II enables me to build upon the South Asian narrative and fills a gap within the food blogging scene.
  2. Curious and observant are perfect descriptions for me. I ask many questions and notice everything, which usually parlays into good conversation. I like discussing food because it uncovers emotions that pull at heartstrings and creates connections. So a portion of this blog, In Focus is dedicated to food conversations.
  3. For me, music and food are completely intertwined, probably because they both elicit feelings. A good song can set the tone for both cooking and enjoying a meal. Within In Focus conversations, ‘musical pairings’ are hand-selected by various raconteurs.
  4. I read a lot. My secret indulgence has always been food fiction, cookbooks, and blogs. In all honesty, I thought I was the only one. Guess not! I am a member of an online food book club, The Kitchen Reader. Reviews of food literature, memoirs, and cookbooks can be found in Indian Influence’s section Book Club.

Thanks for stopping by – spoonful’s of gratitude.



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