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How can I contact you?

If you’d like to reach me, send an e-mail to: [javascript protected email address] or fill out the online contact form.

Why do you call it Indian Influence?

I am a South Asian Canadian that loves food and cooking. I needed a way to merge the two. Indian Influence is seemingly the perfect combination. Indian Influence frames global food through an Indian (South Asian) lens.

This blog takes global food, anything and everything imaginable, and reinterprets it to be more South Asian. Sometimes dramatically. Sometimes subtly.

I’d like to advertise on your blog. What are your rates?

At this time, I do not run ads on Indian Influence. But it’s wonderful of you to ask. However, I will disclose that this blog, (because I love books), participates in the Amazon Associates program.

Can I send you a free product to review?

I am not ruling anything out at this point. You may email me a request, and we can see if it pans out. When appropriate, I will mention books I’ve read.

Who takes the photographs on Indian Influence?

Except where noted, I do. If you know of an amazing lens or have a photography tip or two, let me know. Like many things in life, photography is a continuous learning process. I haven’t hit my 10,000 hours of practice…yet.

What kind of camera do you use?

Photographs on this blog are most often taken with a Nikon D7000, a digital SLR camera. I have no idea about lens numbers and names. Again, if you have a suggestion for an exceptional lens, please contact me.

I do sometimes post Android phone shots.

Can I use one of your photos on my site or in my magazine?

The entire contents of this blog are protected by COPYRIGHT. Please do not use anything (photos, text, etc.) without my permission. Kindly ask first. PLEASE.

Who took that photo of you?

My sister Ajit.

I have a blog/website. Will you link to it? Can we cross-promote?

I have a general policy to decide this based on each individual request. If you’d like to contact me about your blog or website, please do. I would love to know about it and we can discuss it further.

Can I link to your blog?

Yes. I’m so flattered, I’m actually blushing


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