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Inspired by Brazilian Brigadeiro – Coconut Chocolate Bonbons

Inspired by Brazilian Brigadeiro – Coconut Chocolate Bonbons

The secret is out…the best recipes are the simplest. That is an adage I convince myself of regularly.

With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, I was compelled to blog about something simple, charming, sweet, and of course chocolatey. I’m pretty positive you are going to fall in love with this recipe.

So here you go…

These Coconut Chocolate Bonbons take about 5 minutes. Yes, that easy. Delicious. And a healthy little indulgence or snack. Better yet, this recipe includes coconut and chocolate.

Here’s a bit of the backstory…I was inspired by Brigadeiro, essentially a Brazilian chocolate bonbon, which is super sweet, gooey, dense, and will satisfy any sweet tooth. Usually Brigadeiro are made of three ingredients – condensed milk, cocoa powder, and a bit of butter. They are rolled in sprinkles, nuts, and I’ve seen some with shredded coconut. Recently, I had a few, okay maybe like 10 in one sitting and have been obsessed with recreating a healthier, yet still decadent type.

My version is loaded with coconut and a creamy mixture of honey, extra-virgin coconut oil, cocoa, vanilla, and a few spices. Now that I’ve basically laid out for you the ingredient list, you can substitute ingredients, as you see fit.

No one will ever guess that these delicious coconut chocolate bonbons could possibly be 100% free of sugar, butter, and flour. Shhh… no need to tell anyone they’re healthy.

Did I speak about the simplicity of this recipe? And how they are no bake? Well another bonus of these AMAZE-balls or bonbons is that the recipe is super flexible as well. Substitutions and add-ons are plentiful.

This recipe uses cocoa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add chocolate chips. Sometimes I add dark chocolate chips, but you can add white chocolate, milk chocolate, or cinnamon chips. If you are vegan then by all means add cacao nibs.

You can add scoops of any kind of nut butter to this mix. Suggestions include: almond butter, cashew butter, peanut butter, or sunflower seed butter. Just remember if you are adding any nut butter, reduce the amount of coconut oil.

I like raw honey for this recipe, but agave works for a vegan version. I suppose if you are in a pinch, brown sugar would also work. But for me these bites of goodness are the perfect chocolatey treat, without having to turn to refined, sugary snacks. So try your best to refrain from using sugar. Lastly, my suggestion is a tablespoon or like three of liquor like Kahlua or Crown Royal.

In general, if you start experimenting with different ingredients or leave some ingredients out entirely, the balance of the recipe may be a little “off”. So if they get too dry, add a few more of the sticky ingredients like honey and/or nut butter. If they get too gooey, add in more coconut. Really, this recipe is fool proof.

I meant it when I said this recipe takes five minutes and requires no cooking. Just mix and roll and voila! All thanks to one of my favourite kitchen appliances – the food processor. I let the food processor do the work. The mixture comes together so easily. Just dump all the ingredients in and start pulsing. You’ll need to process the mixture for at least 2-3 minutes so everything is well combined and well dispersed. Otherwise, the bonbons may not stick together as well or you will get an overwhelming bite of cocoa or coconut oil.

You’ll know the mixture is ready when it moves past the crumbly stage and begins to clump to the sides of the food processor. I then turned the mixture out into a bowl, and mold it into a big mound for easy scooping. I form mine into round speheres that are about an inch in diameter, but feel free to portion out whatever size you want. You can make it as bars too, but bonbon balls work easiest for me, just pop in your mouth and done.

So these are delicious and loaded with goodness. And they can be eaten for dessert when you want something to sate your sweet tooth, but also for breakfast or when needing an extra boost of energy before a workout. Really though, they are the perfect little snack to keep around for sudden hunger pangs. Happy loving.

Coconut Chocolate Bonbons

1 cup coconut, shredded and unsweetened
¼ cup coconut oil (extra-virgin)
4 teaspoons cocoa powder
¼ cup raw honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon (or more) Crown Royal or Kahlua
1 teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon fennel, ground
Himalayan Pink Salt
Pinch of chili powder

Combine all ingredients together in a food processor and pulse until combined. Roll into balls of your desired size. (Mine were about an inch in diameter.) Dust with extra cocoa poweder, himalayan pink salt, and chili powder. Enjoy immediately, or refrigerate in a covered container.

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