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Happy Hour
Holiday Sip and Savour: Cherry Coconut Mint Soda

Holiday Sip and Savour: Cherry Coconut Mint Soda

I have a freezer full of cherries. I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I love feasting on fresh cherries in their simplest form – eating them clean and spitting out their pits. Cherry season though — is long gone. Instead, I use my freezer supply to fill my fresh cherry void. I get creative. In fact, my mind works like an overactive pendulum, thinking of ways to reinvent the ubiquitous cherry.

Lately, it seems wherever I have been spending time, (Vancouver in particular) there is a sudden influx of Neapolitan-inspired pop-up pizzerias. They all have the same format, small spaces that happen to do their pizza wizardry from the back of a dimly lit pizza kitchen. While I love me some pizza (that is a whole different post), it’s really my fascination with Italian Soda at these pizzerias that prompted this post.

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Addictive Cherry Chutney

Addictive Cherry Chutney

The beauty of cherry blossoms inspires me. Every year, I make the effort to convince people to stop and revel in their beauty. For me, they symbolize the arrival of spring. The end of winter. An opportunity to savour the present moment. Prosperity. Joy. Beauty. Freshness. Maybe even a little bit of hope.

Cherry blossoms also remind me of the cherry tree in my parents’ backyard. In the dead of winter, their tree is barren, sparse, and diminished in its appearance. When the blossoms are in full bloom, I am reminded of the coming months’ potential.

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