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Happy Hour
Holiday Sip and Savour: Cherry Coconut Mint Soda

Holiday Sip and Savour: Cherry Coconut Mint Soda

I have a freezer full of cherries. I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I love feasting on fresh cherries in their simplest form – eating them clean and spitting out their pits. Cherry season though — is long gone. Instead, I use my freezer supply to fill my fresh cherry void. I get creative. In fact, my mind works like an overactive pendulum, thinking of ways to reinvent the ubiquitous cherry.

Lately, it seems wherever I have been spending time, (Vancouver in particular) there is a sudden influx of Neapolitan-inspired pop-up pizzerias. They all have the same format, small spaces that happen to do their pizza wizardry from the back of a dimly lit pizza kitchen. While I love me some pizza (that is a whole different post), it’s really my fascination with Italian Soda at these pizzerias that prompted this post.

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Mouthwatering Pickled Cherries

Mouthwatering Pickled Cherries

Pickling, home canning, or “putting up” is something I covertly delight in. Pickling of any kind, channels my inner Martha Stewart. As an old school technique born out of pre-refrigeration necessity, pickling conjures up happy thoughts about simplicity and home. There was an entire summer where I focused on learning the art of pickling and canning. I learned the basics, made many mistakes, but my takeaway was a revival of nostalgic interests.

I find it delightful that with pickling, I can literally bottle up summer and store it in a jar. I get to enjoy the pickings of summer throughout the year. Acting as a postcard from summertime, “putting up” offers the ability to make and share idiosyncratic, pretty things. It offers hope and optimism, during dark, grey wintery days. Something, I think we all kind of need.

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