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Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

These cookies are my love letter to peanut butter.

I’ve mulled on this recipe for weeks. Recently, I found a scrunched up piece of paper in the bottom of my laptop bag. It really is just scribbles of measurements. The writing is nearly illegible. Scrawls and scratches. A recipe that has been tinkered with until it reached my version of perfection. This means one thing – peanut butter experimentation can yield good things.

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Gingeriest Ginger Molasses Cookies

Gingeriest Ginger Molasses Cookies

Okay, I admit my family, with the exception of my brother, is obsessed with ginger. The base of many dishes, it is pickled, candied, eaten raw, and sometimes infused in our chai tea. If it’s a savoury dish, I assure you, ginger will make an appearance. When it comes to baking, I often sneak ground ginger into muffins, breads, cake, and cookies. It adds a je-ne-sais-quoi flavour that is never detected, even by my brother.

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