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Banana Poppy Seed Fritters

Banana Poppy Seed Fritters

Like bananas? Like doughnuts, especially fritters? Then you’ll love these easy banana poppy seed fritters, complete with a delectable dusting of icing sugar. Yes, they are deep fried. Sound good? Not too scared? You shouldn’t be — banana fritters await. Now let’s get started.

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Apple Rose Mini-Pies

Apple Rose Mini-Pies

I am done with traditional apple pie.

I admit this post was meant to be about how I excel at pie crust making. How I can combine a few ingredients like butter, salt, flour, and water and create a flaky sensation.

I won’t lie, I am confident in my pie-crust making, because I was (sort of still am) a Martha Stewart acolyte. In my early teens, before Martha Stewart’s financial woes, I was fascinated by Stewart’s uber-domesticity. I put her on a pedestal and felt enormously guilty I wished Martha Stewart was secretly my mother. My mom on the other hand thought it was pretty funny, I would be so taken by this woman who valorized home keeping. She wasn’t hurt. Rather she was happy another woman was helping to championing her daughter into the world of food and home life.

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