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Love at First Bite – Engagement Tandoori Chicken

Love at First Bite – Engagement Tandoori Chicken

I was 10 when my eldest sister, Ronnie was engaged. Since I was so much younger in age, I was oblivious to what was happening around me. I had other priorities – my daily focus was about getting to the playground across the street.

At that time, happy occasions were often viewed and celebrated using old school values. Ceremonies, such as an engagement, were broken into many smaller productions. Female family members especially the expectant bride, her mom, and older female siblings did not attend the male side’s kurmai (engagement). This auspicious ceremony is where the soon-to-be bride’s father presents the soon to be groom with something gold, like a kara, wrist chain, neck chain, you get the point. Various gifts, trays of sweets and baskets of fruit are presented. There is much pomp and circumstance surrounding it all, because after all, it’s two families uniting.

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Avocado & Daikon Salad with Raai Strawberry Dressing

Avocado & Daikon Salad with Raai Strawberry Dressing

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we? Today’s memory is gardening. It was prompted by the view from my bedroom window. This year’s garden is on its last legs. It happens every year – the sunlight grows a little less warm, leaves and vines become wilted and turn brownish.

This change in the seasons reminds me of how the whole process started. It jogs memories from the past and how early spring meant getting up extremely early (too early for a little kid to be up) and planting. Dad was the gardener in the family. My mom assisted here and there, but Dad was the one diligent about remembering to water and weed.

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