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Aromatic Creamed Beet Greens

Aromatic Creamed Beet Greens

I have expressed my admiration for spinach in previous posts, but this fall has produced a bounty of beets and beet greens. So I am switching my veneration away from spinach and towards the humble beet and beet greens.

People say beets taste like metal, mud, wood, even dirty socks. (Yes, I have friend who confessed that last one to me, which makes me laugh). Please stop hating on beets. They are delicious in so many ways.

Even if you really don’t like beets. Rather, even if you kind of hate them and possibly dread the thought of eating them, you’ll love this recipe. It’s an easy way — a first step of sorts — to gain some appreciation for the beet, by using the greens.

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