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Spring Harvest Chapati Salad

Spring Harvest Chapati Salad

This salad transforms day-old chapatis into crunchy wisps combined with fresh spring produce, and a mouthwatering cilantro dressing.
Every time April rolls around, usually around Vaisakhi (they don’t call it a harvest festival for nothing), I remember what it’s like to eat fresh delicious produce. Fresh spinach, cilantro, vine grown tomatoes and cucumbers don’t even know much they’ve been missed.

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Fiery Bengali Mustard

Fiery Bengali Mustard

Just wrap your head around the title of this recipe for a moment. Homemade mustard with fiery Bengali spices. Oh-em-gee.

For me it’s important to make new variations of condiments, dips, and spreads. Over the years, I have noticed specialty mustards, packaged beautifully and available for purchase at foodie stores. The price is usually staggering and the ingredients have words I can’t pronounce.

Dabbling in homemade mustard making has the benefits of controlling sodium levels, avoiding additives, getting a healthy dose of spice (I like my heat), and the surprising ease of doing it yourself.

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