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The Most Perfect Chip Dip – Yogurt Chili Dip

The Most Perfect Chip Dip – Yogurt Chili Dip

I love potato chips. (Yes, I have declared this in an earlier post). I eat them daily. They are my late night snack. An indulgence. A reward for completing as many items off project “work lists”.

I go through flavour cycles and varieties. Sometimes with dip, other times without. Lately, I eat only plain or rippled chips and dip. Chips, while delicious, have a lot of preservatives, so to create some kind of balance, I make my own dip. Need more reason to eat chips with dip? Chips are good on their own, but dip adds more excitement. Part of the fun in eating chips is dipping them into a cool, creamy, tangy sauce.

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Love at First Bite – Engagement Tandoori Chicken

Love at First Bite – Engagement Tandoori Chicken

I was 10 when my eldest sister, Ronnie was engaged. Since I was so much younger in age, I was oblivious to what was happening around me. I had other priorities – my daily focus was about getting to the playground across the street.

At that time, happy occasions were often viewed and celebrated using old school values. Ceremonies, such as an engagement, were broken into many smaller productions. Female family members especially the expectant bride, her mom, and older female siblings did not attend the male side’s kurmai (engagement). This auspicious ceremony is where the soon-to-be bride’s father presents the soon to be groom with something gold, like a kara, wrist chain, neck chain, you get the point. Various gifts, trays of sweets and baskets of fruit are presented. There is much pomp and circumstance surrounding it all, because after all, it’s two families uniting.

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